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Aynsley & Sons Patterns
Rose Garden through Wendover-Green

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Rose Garden Rose Marie 8512
Rosedale (Bows, Flowers On Edge) 7315 Rosedale (Pink Roses, Crocus Shape)
Rosedale (Pink Roses,Portland Rosewood
Royal Blue Royal Court
Royal Palace 8282 Royalty-Aqua 7687
Royalty-Blue 7687 Royalty-Gray 7687
Royalty-Red 7687 Royalty-Yellow
Rutherglen-Blue 7638 Rutherglen-Maroon 7638
Rutland-Burgundy 8013 Rutland-Cobalt Blue 8013
Rutland-Light Blue 8013 Rutland-Medium Green
Rutland-Nile (Sage) Green 8013 Ryland-Blue 7624
Sandringham (Scalloped) B3830 Sandringham (Smooth) B3830
Savoy 7730 Scala 716317
Scala-Green A4680 Senator
Senator-Blue Seville-Blue 6874
Seville-Green 6874 Seville-Red 6874
Shaftesbury 186 Shamrock (Crocus/Coupe Shape)
Shamrock (Rim/Scalloped)#15279 15279 Shamrock-Cream (Rim Shape) D944
Shamrock-White (Swirl Rim) 15279 Shangri-La
Shelbourne Sheraton
Sheraton (Gold Encrusted) Sheraton-Rose 8163
Sherwood 8163 Sherwood 8163
Silva 8273 Silva Brow
Silver Shadow Simcoe (Scalloped) 7410
Simcoe (Smooth) 7410 Simplicity
Snow Crocus Solitaire 8206
Somerset Sonnet-Gray
Sonnet-Light Blue South Pacific-Black In Stock!
South Pacific-Blue In Stock! South Pacific-Green
South Pacific-Red/Maroon Spring Crocus
St. Clair 7821 St. George 7814
Summertime Sweet Violet
Tatton Hall Teddy Bears
This Is Not A Pattern Tibet (Gold Trim)
Tibet (Platinum Trim) 8319 Tradition
Trafalga-Ivory 177 Tudor Sprays
Twilight Valencia 8364
Venetian (Scalloped) 138 Venetian (Smooth) 138
Venezia Versailles 100
Versailles 109 Versailles-Cobalt
Viceroy Viceroy (Gold Encrusted)
Victoria 8509 Violette (White Background)
Violette-Blue Violette-Lavender
Violette-Yellow Viscount 8386
Warwick-Blue 3778 Warwick-Cobalt B3778
Warwick-Green & Gold B3778 Warwick-Red (Scalloped) B3778
Warwick-Red (Smooth) Wayside (Crocus)
Wayside (Swirled) 8180 Wayside 8153
Wayside 8178 Wellington
Wendover-Cobalt Blue Wendover-Green

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