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Libbey/Rock Sharpe Crystal Patterns
Currier through Gibralter-Light Green

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Currier Cutmiter
Cutmiter 1019 In Stock! Dartelle
Dartelle 3007 Dawn
Dawn (Stem 1005) 1005 Debut
Debut 3007 Del Mar
Del Mar 1005 Denbeigh
Denbeigh 1015 Devonshire
Devonshire K14 Diamond and Fan
Diamond And Fan 1019 Diamond Cut
Diamond Cut 3003 Diana
Diana K2756 Diana K2756
Dixie Dixie 1013
Dover Dudley
Dudley 2005 Eclipse
Eclipse 3007 Elaine
Elaine 1005 Embassy
Embassy 1009 Embassy 1009
Embassy 3001 Embassy 3001
Embassy 4900 Embassy 4900
Empire Wreath Empire Wreath 2002
Facet-Brown Facets-Clear
Facets-Cobalt Fairfax
Fairfax 3003 Fern 3006
Fern 3006 Fern 3012
Fern 3012 Fernleigh
Fernleigh (3007) 3007 Fernwood 2010
Fernwood 2010 Fernwood 3001
Fernwood 3001 Fleur De Lis
Fleur De Lis 2002 Fontenay
Fontenay 1012 Forever Amber
Formal Formal 3007
Forum Forum
Frond Frond 3007
Frontenac Frontenac 1015 In Stock!
Fuchsia Fuchsia 2011
Gainesborough Gainesborough
Gala Gala
Galway Galway 1002
Garden Gate Garden Gate 2002
Garland 3012 Garland 3012
Garland K9058 Garland K9058-06
Geometrix-Blue,Frosted Geometrix-Clear
Geometrix-Clear,Frosted Geometrix-Cobalt,Undecorated
Geometrix-Green, Undecorated Geometrix-Green,Frosted
Georgian Georgian 3012
Gibraltar Gibraltar - Dusky Blue
Gibraltar - Plum Gibraltar-Amethyst
Gibraltar-Dark Green Gibraltar-Dusky Blue
Gibraltar-Misty Blue Gibraltar-Plum
Gibralter-Cobalt Blue Gibralter-Light Green

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Libbey/Rock Sharpe Crystal

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