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Aynsley & Sons Patterns
Gold Dowery 7892 through Lynbrook 8168

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Gold Dowery 7892 Gold Dowery 7892
Gold Encrustation Gold Romance
Golden Crocus (Coupe) In Stock! Golden Crocus (Rim)
Golden Harvest 8168 Golden Wheat 8421
Gray Towers C5090 Greenwich
Gretna-Olive Green Gretna-Rust 2746
Grotto Rose 185 Guildhall-Blue
Guildhall-Maroon Haddon 8118
Hampshire 7731 Harrogate
Harrogate-Cobalt Harrogate-Green 1303
Hatfield-Cobalt Blue 7024 Hatfield-Green 7024
Hatfield-Maroon 7024 Hathaway 13698
Hathaway 13698 Hathaway 13698
Helene-Cobalt 8221 Helene-Ivory (Scalloped) 8221
Helene-Ivory 8221 Henley (Scalloped,Gold Trim) C1129
Henley (Scalloped,Yellow Trim) 7779 Henley (Smooth,Gold Trim,Blue Backstamp)
Henley (Smooth,Goldtrim,Green Backstamp) Heritage
Heritage 8367 Heritage-Turquoise
Hertford - Turquoise (Scalloped) 7081 Hertford-Cobalt (Smooth)
Hertford-Cobalt 7081 Hertford-Maroon (Scalloped) 7081
Hertford-Maroon (Smooth) Highfield 172
Holiday Bouquet Howard Sprays
Imperial-Gold Imperial-Laurel Green
Imperial-Nile Green Imperial-Onyx (Black)
Imperial-Red 193 Imperial-Turquoise
Indian Tree (Gold Key,Scalloped,Green T) 5713 Indian Tree-(Black Key,Scalloped,Gold T) A1143
Indian Tree-(Black Key,Smooth,Gold Trim) Indian Tree-(Gold Key,Smooth,Gold Trim)
Indian Tree-(Gold Key,Smooth,Green Trim) 5713 Jubilee Cobalt
Jubilee Laurel Jubilee-Black
Jubilee-Cobalt Blue Jubilee-Gold
Jubilee-Marone Just Orchids
Kenilworth-Cobalt Blue-Scalloped 7023 Kenilworth-Cobalt Blue-Smooth 7023
Kenilworth-Green 7023 Kenilworth-Ivory 7023
Kenilworth-Red 7023 Kenilworth-Turquoise 7023
Kenmore (Scalloped) 8269 Kenmore (Smooth) 8269
Kenmore-Green (Scalloped) 8269 Kent 8170
Keswick 7619 Keswick-Blue 1062
King Edward Kingsmere 3830
Lady Fayre 137 Lancaster-Gray 7610
Lancaster-Maroon 7610 Las Palmas 8274
Las Palmas 8320 Las Palmas C1505
Laurette-Cobalt Blue 8213 Laurette-Green (Scallop) 8213
Laurette-Green (Smooth) 8213 Legend Black
Leighton Green Leighton-Cobalt (Scalloped)
Leighton-Cobalt (Smooth) 1646 Leighton-Maroon
Limoges (Cobalt, Smooth) 7055 Limoges (Green,Scalloped)
Lincoln-Green Lincoln-Maroon 7431
Lingate 168 Little Sweetheart
Lorraine DEC7751 Louis Xv (Scalloped) 8328
Louis Xv (Smooth) 8328 Lynbrook 8168

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