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Patio-Gold 1325 through Wreath 6A

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Patio-Gold 1325 Patio-Ruby 1325
Pendant-Brown 6A Pendant-Clear 6A
Pirouette-Amethyst 3A Pirouette-Brown 3A
Pirouette-Clear 3A Prince Consort (Cut) 942
Princess 29A Puritan 894
Pyramid Regency 27A
Regina 942 Revere 29A
Rhythm 6A Ringmont
Rope Bands Rose In The Snow
Rosette Roslyn (No Trim) 26A
Roslyn (Platinum Trim) 26A Rowena (Cut) 7A
Royalty 29A Sharon 8A
Sharon 8A Sheraton
Silhouette-Amber 1138 Silhouette-Amethyst 1138
Silhouette-Brown 1138 Silhouette-Cerulean Blue 1138
Silhouette-Clear 1138 Silhouette-Green 1138
Silhouette-Yellow 1138 Simplicity-Cerulean (Blue) 13A
Simplicity-Green Simplicity-White (Milk Glass) 13A
Snowflake (Cut #276 1/2) 6A Snowflower (Cut #299) 16A
Snowflower 1A Space Needle
Sprig Sprig Without Sprig
Spring Flower 22A Springtime 688
Springtime-Amethyst (Stem #688) 688 Springtime-Cobalt Blue 688
Springtime-Cranberry 688 Springtime-Ruby (Stem 688) 688
St Moritz (Block Optic) 867 St. Regis (Stem #24-0) 24-0
Starburst 8A Starfire 13A
Starlight 954 Strawberry
Symphony (Amethyst Bowl) 1A Symphony (Clear Bowl
Teasel Tempo-Clear 5A
Tempo-Morocco 5A Theodora-Amethyst
Tiara Gold 1045 Tiara Platinum 1045
Traditional 949 Trellis 11A
Tropical-Brown 1144 Tropical-Clear 1144
Tudor 715 Tulip
Tulip 1041 Tulip Aquarius 963
Turkey Eagle 1102 Van Wyck 866
Victoria 758 Vine 29A
Wakefield (Cut) 879 Wales 682
Wales Laurel 682 In Stock! Wales Milk 682
Wales Milk-Gold Band #321 Wales-Cerulean Blue 949
Wheat White House (Cut) 740
Williamsburg 862 Willow Oak-Blue
Wilmington Rose 945 Wilmington-Blue (Stem 945) 945
Wilmington-Clear 945 Wilmington-Green Stem 945
Wilmington-Purple 945 Woodflower (Cut) 1A
Wreath 6A

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