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Aynsley & Sons Patterns
Consul through Glenwood Nile 1170

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Consul Consul-Green
Copenhagen Copenhagen
Corey Gray 8028 Cornwall 8129
Corona Gold Corona Platinum
Coronet Grey Coronet Platinum
Cottage Blue Cottage Garden (Smooth)
Cottage Garden (Swirl) In Stock! Cottage Garden-Giftware Collection
Coventry-Burgundy 7840 Coventry-Green
Cumberland 7213 Cumberland-Burgundy 7213
Cumberland-Green 7213 Cynthia 7326
Delphine (New, No Trim) Delphine (Older, Plat. Trim) 8372
Denver 8420 Denver 8420
Desborough-Blue 7367 Desborough-Green
Desborough-Maroon 7367 Devon-Blue/Grey 8178
Devon-Green 8187NG Devon-Light Green 8187
Devon-Red Devonshire
Diana Dianne (Scalloped) 195
Dianne (Smooth Edge) 145 Dorchester
Dorchester-Cobalt Blue 7499 Dorchester-Green 7499
Dorchester-Maroon 7499 Dunrobin 8192
Durham-Green B1646 Durham-Maroon (Scallop) 1646
Durham-Maroon (Scallop) 7171 Durham-Maroon (Smooth) 1646
Durham-Nile Green Eastbourne (Floral/Scalloped) 7610
Eastbourne (Floral/Smooth) Eastbourne (No Floral) 7610
Edena B291 Edwardian Kitchen Garden
Elegance (Gold Floral & Gold Trim) Elegance (Platinum Trim & Inner Verge) 7474
Elegance (Platinum Trim & Outer Ring) Elizabeth (Scalloped) 7976
Elizabeth (Smooth) 7947 Elizabeth 7474
Embassy-Cobalt Blue In Stock! Embassy-Cobalt Blue
Embassy-Green (Scalloped) 8214 Embassy-Marone(Maroon) 8499
Emerald Isle 184 Empress Cobalt
Empress Laurel Empress-Maroon 8509
Empress-White 8510 Empress-White 8510
Engagement 135 Eskdale 7558
Essex 7767 Evergreen
Fairfield 6793 Famille Rose
Fernleigh Fleurette
Florida-Pink Florida-White
Flying Wild Forever
Forget-Me-Not In Stock! Foxhunters Nightmare
Fruit Fruit-Aqua 439
Fruit-Black 439 Fruit-Blue 439
Fruit-Coral 439 Fruit-Green 439
Fruits & Flowers Of Somerset Gadroon 7606
Gaiety (Light Peach Rim) C1474/3 Gaiety 8174
Garden Gate 6904 Genoa 252
George Town 173 Georgian Cobalt (Scalloped) 7348
Georgian Cobalt (Smooth) 7348 Georgian-Maroon (Scalloped) 7348
Georgian-Maroon (Smooth) 7348 Georgian-Sea Green 7348
Glendale 8258 Glenwood Nile 1170

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