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International Silver Patterns
Etruscan 1891 through Golden Copley Square

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Etruscan 1891 Eucla 1900
Eureka 1890 Evangeline
Exeter Exquisite 1940 In Stock!
Exquisite 1957 In Stock! Fair Oak 1913
Fairfield Fairie 1892
Fairmount 1911 Falmouth 1914
Faneuil 1908 Farmington
Fascination Fascination 1936
Felice Fenwick/Lancaster
Festival 1938 Festive
Fiddle 1850 Fiddle 1872
Fiddle 1885 Fiddle 1979
Fidelis 1933 Finlandia
Firesong 1847 First Lady
First Lady 1933 First Lady 1960/1956
First Love 1937 In Stock! Flair 1956 In Stock!
Flair 1993 Flanders 1907
Flemish 1894 Floral Bouquet/Silver
Floral Elegance Florence
Florence 1867 Florence 1903
Florentine 1891 Florentine 1912
Florentine Scroll Florette 1909
Florida 1892 Florida 1894
Flower 1886 Flower 1906
Fontaine 1924 Forecast
Franconia 1922 Freedom
Freemont French 1884
French 1892 French Oval
French Rose French Shell
Friendship 1932 Frontenac
Frontenac 1903 Fuchsia 1900
Futura Gadroon 1933
Gaiety 1961 Galaxy
Game 1892 Garden Manor
Gardenia Gardenia 1941
Garland 1914 Garland 1965
Garland/Rapture 1937 Garrick 1908
Gem Gem 1892
General Putman 1917 Geneva 1881
Georgian Castle Georgian Court 4700
Georgian Maid 1923 Georgic 1938
Gigi In Stock! Glamour
Gold Beacon Hill Gold Cascade
Gold Classic Flutes Gold Coquille
Gold Kings Gold Resplendence 1984
Gold Romance Golden Anniversary
Golden Argosy Golden Bijou
Golden Camille 1980 Golden Carino
Golden Centennial 1972 In Stock! Golden Chadwick 1975
Golden Classic Rose Golden Copley Square

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International Silver

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