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Parallels (Stainless) GF133 through Tempo

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Parallels (Stainless) GF133 Paris (Stainless)
Paulette (Silverplate, 1986) 1986 Peabody-Black (Stainless)
Peabody-Charcoal (Stainless) Peabody-Ivory (Stainless)
Peabody-Navy (Stainless) Peabody-Pink (Stainless)
Peabody-White (Stainless) Pericles (Stainless)
Pericles Gold (Stnls,Gold Acc) Pericles Ii (Stainless) UB351
Phoenix (Stainless) 2001 Pinnacle (Stainless)
Pinnacle Gold (Stainls,Gd Acc) Pirouette (Stainless, Gold Acc)
Prestige (Slvrplate, Gold Accent) Prisma Ii-Black (Stainless)
Prisma Ii-Blue (Stainless) Prisma Ii-Gray (Stainless)
Prisma Ii-Ivory (Stainless) Prisma Ii-Pale Jade (Stainles)
Prisma Ii-Pink (Stainless) Prisma Ii-Red (Stainless)
Prisma Ii-White (Stainless) Prisma Ii-Yellow (Stainless)
Prisma-Amethyst-Mis (Stnls, Gold Accent) Prisma-Cobalt Blue (Stnls,Gold Ac)
Prisma-Ebony (Stnls,Gold Accent) Prisma-Garnet (Stainless,Goldacc)
Prisma-Ivory (Stainless) Prisma-Jade (Stnls, Gold Accent)
Prisma-Mis(Goldelectrplate, Clear) Prisma-Mis(Stnles,Clearhdl,Gold Accents)
Prisma-Navy (Stainless) G4704/599 Prisma-Opaline (Stnls,Gold Accent)
Prisma-Ruby (Stnls,Gold Acc) Prisma-Smokey Topaz-Mis(Stnls,Gldaccent)
Profile (Stainless) G3380 Prophecy (Stainless) 2001
Provence-Black (Stainless) Provence-Navy (Stainless)
Radio City (Stainless) Rave (Stainless) 2001
Regency (Silverplate, 1991) 1991 Regency (Stainless) In Stock!
Renee (Silverplate, 1986) 1986 Retro (Stainless)
Rhapsody (Stainless) 2002 Ribbon Holly (Stainless)
Ritz, The (Stainless) #G3323/599 Romancing Gold (Stainls,Gd Ac)
Rondo-Amethyst (Stainless) 1999 Rondo-Black (Stainless)
Rondo-Glacier (Dark Blue) 1999 Rondo-Gray (Stainless)
Rondo-Harbour (White) G4744 Rondo-Hunter Green (Stainless) G4746
Rondo-Ivory (Stainless) Rondo-Navy Blue (Stainless)
Rondo-Onyx (Stainless) G4724 Rondo-Terracotta (Stainless)
Rondo-White (Stainless) Rosetta (Stainless)
Rosetta Gold (Stainless,Gd Ac) Royale (Silverplate, 1986) 1986
Sand Dune G3101 Satin GK513
Satin Moon GF118 Scandia-Black (Stainless)
Scandia-Burl (Stainls,Gd Acc) Scandia-Red (Stainless, Red)
Shanel-Gray (Stainless) Shanel-Pearl (Stnls, Pearl)
Shanel-Tortoise Sheldon Satin GF122
Siena-Black (Stainless) Siena-Blue (Stainless)
Siena-Burgundy (Stainless) Siena-Hunter Green (Stainless)
Siena-Navy (Stainless) Siena-Rose Blush (Stainless)
Siena-White (Stainless) Siena-Yellow (Stainless)
Silk Silver Moon (Stainless) GF117
Skyline (Stainless) Skyline Gold (Stainless)
Sophisticate (Stainless) Sophisticate(Black)By Mis (Stainl,Gd Ac)
Southampton (Stainless) St. Clair Gold (Stainls,Gd Accet)
Stanton (Stainless) 2003 Strada (Stainless) 2001 In Stock!
Stradivari (Stainless) Stratford (Stainless)
Sweet Pea (Stainless) UB316 Sweet Pea Gold (Stainls,Gd Ac)
Symmetry (Stainless) Tempo

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