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Raleigh 4268 through Wrexham 4390

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Raleigh 4268 Rambler Rose 1579
Rebecca Rhonda
Rialto Richmond 256
Richmond 3753 Rose
Rose Du Barry 2724 Rosedale 257
Rosedale 2753 Rosepoint 2552
Rosina Rosslare 4316
Royal Rouge San Marco
Sandstone Severn 4551
Shannon, The - Cream Border 4417 Shannon, The - White Border 4417
Shasta 4456 Silverton, The 2246
Solitaire 3169 Spring Bouquet 1580
Springtime 241 Springtime 4593
Stafford, The 3420 Stephanie
Studio 4179 Tannenbaum
Tilbury, The 4415 Tizia
Tramore 4272 Trellis 2267
Tremont 4273 Trianon 2375
Trousseau Troy, The 2379
Tulsa, The 4318 Valeria
Venezia Veronique
Versailles Visconti
Wettin 207 White Fleur
Wild Rose 601 Wild Rose, The 4380
Williamsburg 3426 Williamsburg 3476
Wilton 419 Wilton, The 4414
Windsor 237 Windsor 4182
Windsor, The 2614/8 Wrexham 4390

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