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Libbey/Rock Sharpe Crystal Patterns
Star Shower through Yorktown 1002

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Star Shower Star Shower 3004
Stardust (Gray Cutting, 3003) 3003 Stardust - Grey Cutting 3003
Stardust - Plain 3010 Stardust - Polished Cutting 1017
Stardust 1017 Stardust-Clear 3010
Starlight 3001 Starlight 3001
Starlight 3007 Starlight 3307
Status Sultana
Sultana 2002 Sunburst
Sunburst Sutton
Sutton 2003 Swirl
Swirl 3007 Sylvan
Sylvan (3007) 3007 Symphony
Symphony 1015 Syncopation
Syncopation 1019 Talbot 2014
Tawny Accent Teardrop
Teardrop (3007) 3007 Teardrop-Cobalt In Stock!
Teardrop-Juniper Tempo
Tempo 1018 Tempo-Amber
Terrace Terrace 3003
Tiara Tiara 2001
Tropic Rose Tulip
Tulip-Brown Tulip-Dusky Blue
Urban-Green Uxbridge
Uxbridge 1017 Vanity
Vanity 3006 Vesta
Vesta K9058 Vesta-Pink K9058
Viceroy 1002 Victoria
Victoria 2002 Villars
Villars 1004 Virginia
Virginia 2003 Washington
Washington 1002 Waterford
Waterford 7900 Waterwitch
Waterwitch K16 Wayne
Wayne 3006 Westminster
Westminster 1002 Wheat
Wheat 3003 Wild Cherry
Wild Cherry 2001 Wild Rose
Wild Rose 2011 Williamsburg 1011
Williamsburg 1011 Williamsburg 1818
Williamsburg 1818 Winchester
Windover Windover 2002
Windsor Windsor
Windswept Windswept 3001
Wisterhouse Wisterhouse 1011
Wreath Wreath 1001
Yorktown Yorktown 1002
Yorktown 1818

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Libbey/Rock Sharpe Crystal

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