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Sasaki Crystal Patterns
Grande Bell-Green through Rain Glass

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Grande Bell-Green Grande Bell-Plum
Grande Bell-Red Grande Trumpet-Cobalt
Grande Trumpet-Green Grande Trumpet-Plum
Grande Trumpet-Red Grande Tulip-Cobalt
Grande Tulip-Green Grande Tulip-Plum
Grande Tulip-Red Granite
Groove Hampton-Azure
Hampton-Clear Hampton-Coral
Hampton-Green Hampton-Smoke
Hampton-Topaz Hana-Clear
Harmony-Aqua Harmony-Azure (Blue In Stock!
Harmony-Clear Harmony-Coral(Pink)
Harmony-Green Harmony-Smoke
Harmony-Yellow Hawthorne-Azure (Light Blue)
Hawthorne-Clear In Stock! Hawthorne-Coral (Pink)
Hawthorne-Jade Hawthorne-Smoke
Hilton-Azure Hilton-Clear
Hilton-Coral Hydra
Isabelle Jomon
Kahala Kessena
Laurel-Clear/Green Laurel-Frost/Green
Le Cygne Lightning-Black
Lightning-Clear Lily Of The Valley-Clear
Lily Of The Valley-Sas (Frosted Stem) Lotus-Clear
Lumina-Amber Lumina-Blue
Lumina-Clear Lumina-Green
Luxembourg-Azure Luxembourg-Clear
Luxembourg-Coral Luxembourg-Gold
Maison-Amber Maison-Green
Maison-Pink Malibu-Black
Margaret-Blue Margaret-Gold
Mariya-Blue Mariya-Clear
Marly Marquisa
Martini Meridian
Metropolis Midsummer
Milano-Smoke Neon
Newport-Blue Night
Noir Normandy
Omnia-Black/Gold Omnia-Gold
Onda Onyx C2258
Orbit-Frost Orbit-Gold
Orinco Ostia-Blue C2280BG
Ostia-Yellow C2280YP Parallel
Paris Petra
Piazza Platino Plein Jour
Princess ME905 Printemps-Clear
Printemps-Pink Prism
Prisma Radiance-Amber
Radiance-Cobalt Radiance-Green
Radiance-Plum Rain Glass

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Sasaki Crystal

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