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Flowers through Quince 2000

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Flowers Flowing Wheat
Foliage-Clear 2000 Form 20601 20601
Form 9300 9300 Fortuna-Smoke
Fuga 608 Gala
Gambrinus Garland 6040
Geisha Gold (Romance I)
Gold Ball Gold Band 2000
Golden Grail Golden Palm 430
Goldstrahlen 2000 Goldzweig 2000
Grasses 2000 Hillside
Holdfast 513 In Stock! Hunt Motif
Iceflower 101/0504 Idyll 2000
Imago Iris (Clear Stem)
Iris (Frosted Stem) Japanese Quince 2000
Jewel Josephine
Joy Juliet 605
Largo (Linear) 3200 Liane
Linea Linear Terzo-Blue Stem 3200
Linear-Smoke 3200 Lotus Blossoms 4000
Lotus Cut 4000 Lotus Cut-Blue 4000
Lotus Perignon Lotus-Plain 4000 In Stock!
Magic Flute Maitre (Bouquet Shape) 304
Maitre (Ouvert Shp) 304 Margaret Rose
Maria 6040 Maria Summerflirt
Marshall Niel 430 Meandre
Medusa D'or Medusa Lumiere Clear
Medusa Lumiere-Amber Medusa Lumiere-Amethyst
Medusa Lumiere-Cobalt Blue Medusa Lumiere-Emerald Green
Medusa Lumiere-Green Medusa Lumiere-Lilac
Medusa Lumiere-Petrol (Smoke) Medusa Lumiere-Rose
Monbijou 6050 Moss Rose (6 Sided Stem)
Moss Rose (Stem 430) 430 Motif (Regina Shp)
Motif (Romance I Stem) 3003 Motif (Romance Ii Stem) 3004
Network-Clear (Spiral Stem) New Look
Northland 2000 Northland 2100
Northland 2110 Ocular 603
Olivia 430 Ophelia-Clear 377
Orchid 430 Pandio 1103
Papageno 2000 Papillon (Bouquet)
Papillon (Ouvert) Papyrus 4100
Paradiso-Clear Parisian Spring (2000) 2000
Parisian Spring 460 Patricia
Patricia Patricia 490/1000
Pearl Rim 430 Perlkante
Pine Needles 430 Pirate (Barware)
Platinum Band (Stem #3200) 3200 Platinum Band 2000
Platinum Band 20700 Plus 9100
Polaris 520 Polygon 346
Pompadour Quatro Colore D'oro
Queen Quince 2000

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