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Beaded Cherub 1900 through Cheshire 1925

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Beaded Cherub 1900 Beckett 1985
Bedford 1916 Beefeater
Beethoven 1971 Belcourt 1989
Belford Belford 1930
Belle Rose Belle Rose 1963
Bellfontaine 1973 Belvedere
Bennington 1959 Bergen (Stainless)
Berkeley (Silverplate, 1929)1929 Berkeley 1929
Berkeley Square (Stainless) Berkley Square
Berkley Square (Slvp, 1935, Monograms) Berkley Square (Slvp,1935,No Monograms)
Berkley Square 1935 In Stock! Berkshire (Silverplate, 1932)
Berkshire 1932 Bernice 1900
Beverly 1909 Beverly 1922
Beverly 1935 Birchmont 1933
Bird Of Paradise 1923 In Stock! Bittersweet
Bordeaux 1945 Boston Colonial
Botticelli 1972 Bountiful 1967
Bourbon Bradford 1929
Brahms Brahms 1980
Briar Rose 1910 Briarcliff
Briarwood Bridal Rose 1911
Bridal Wreath 1915 Bridal Wreath 1950
Brigade Brighton
Brittany Rose 1948 Bromley
Brooklea Brookwood
Brookwood/Banbury 1950 Buttercup
Cabana Cabana 18/8
Cadet Caledonia
Calla Lily Camber
Cambridge 1900 Cameo Rose
Camille 1937 Camille 1961
Cantata Capello
Capistrano In Stock! Capri
Capri 1935 In Stock! Caprice 1937 In Stock!
Cardinal 1920 Carlton 1898
Carnation 1908 Carnival 1937
Carolina Caroline 1933
Casa Grande 1967 Casino 1931
Cassandra Catalina
Celebrity Celebrity/Wild Rose 1939
Cello Centurion
Cereta 1902 Chaddsford
Chalice/Harmony 1958 Chandelier
Chapelle Chaplet
Charmion 1933 Chatauqua 1916
Chateau In Stock! Chateau 1934
Chateau Rose Chatelaine In Stock!
Chatelaine/Sonia 1930 Chelsea
Cherbourg Cherie
Cherie 1957 Cheshire 1925

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