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Couzon, Jean Flatware Patterns
Lyrique Contrast (Stainless)159 through Yvette Contrast (Stainless) 538

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Lyrique Contrast (Stainless)159 Marigot (Stainless) 165
Massai (Stainless) Mazarin (Stainless, Hollowware) 350
Navarre (Stainless, Hollowware) 381 Nervure (Silverplate)
Neuvieme Art (Silverplate) Neuvieme Art (Stainless)
Nicola (Stainless) 166 Nina-Amber (Stainless)
Nina-Blue (Stainless) Nina-Green (Stainless)
Nina-Lavender (Stainless) Nina-Pearl (Stainless)
Nina-Red (Stainless) Ondee (Stainless, Hollowware)
Opera (All Stainless) 207 Opera Contrast (Stainless)
Opera-Lacquer Blue (Stainless) Opera-Lacquer Brown (Stainless)
Opera-Lacquer Green (Stainless) Opera-Lacquer Red (Stainless)
Oregon Dark (Stainless) Oregon Light (Stainless)
Orient (Stainless) Orion-Blue (Stainless)
Orion-Green (Stainless) Orion-Pearl (Stainless) 530
Parisienne (Stainless) Persane
Persane (Stainless) Pilipili (Stainless)
Pix Elle (Stainless) President (Stainless, Hollowware) 341
Privilege (Stainless)281 Promesse (Silverplate)224
Regate (Stainless) Regate Gold (Stainless, Gold Accent)
Regence (Silverplate) 228 Residence (Stainless, Hollowware) 741
Riviera (Silverplate) 252 S-Kiss (Silverplate)
S-Kiss (Stainless) Savoie (Stainless) 122
Scenario (Stainless, Hollowware) Seashells (Stainless, Hollowware)
Senlis (Silverplate) 223 Silhouette (Silverplate)
Silhouette Bright (Stainless)283 silhouette satin In Stock!
Sillage (Stainless) Steel-Nicola (Silverplate)
Steel/Nicola (Stainless) Sweety (Stainless)
Sweety (Stainless, Hollowware) Tempo (Stainless, Hollowware)
Theoreme (Stainless, Hollowware) Toulon (Stainless) 304
Toulon Hammered (Stainless)328 Trio (Stainless)
Versatile (Stainless, Hollowware) Vienne (Stainless)
Vienne Contrast (Stainless) 453 Vieux Paris (Silverplate)226
Viognier Visavi (Stainless)
Vista (Stainless) Yvette (Stainless) 172
Yvette Contrast (Stainless) 538

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Couzon, Jean Flatware

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