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Libbey/Rock Sharpe Crystal Patterns
Lucerne through Premiere-Dark Green

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Lucerne Lucerne K13
Luna Luna 3006
Lustre-Green/Violet Luxury
Luxury 3006 Lynhurst
Lynhurst 2005 Madeira
Madeira-Green Madeira-Plum
Madison Madison 1003
Malmaison Malmaison K13
Marina Marina 1008
Maritime Maritime 1017
Marlene Marlene 2014
Marlene 2014 Marlowe
Marlowe 1017 Marshfield
Marshfield 2006 Mediterranean
Mediterranean Merry-Go-Round
Metropolitan-Black Metropolitan-Cobalt In Stock!
Milam Milam 1001
Miranda Miranda 1012
Monoco 1008 Montclair 1002
Montclair 1002 Montclair 8512
Montclair 8512 Monterey
Monterey Monterey-Green
Monticello Monticello 5700
Moonbeam Moonbeam K13
Moonmist Moonmist 3003
Mosque Rose Mosque Rose 2009
Mystic Mystic 1023
Nassau Nassau 1002
Neptune 3003 Neptune 3003
Neptune K14 Neptune K14-1024
Nob Hill Normandy
Normandy (3005) 3005 Nova-Brown 3559
Old Crow Old Mirror
Old Mirror 1011 Olive
Olive & Cross Olympia-Plum
Oradea Oradea 1013
Orchard Fruit-Clear Orchard Fruit-Green
Paisley Paisley 1015
Paneled Tumblers Pastorale
Pastorale 3003 Patrician (3007) 3007
Patrician 1022 Patrician 1022
Patrician 3007 Peach Bloom
Peach Bloom 3012 Perception
Persian Persian-Clear 1017
Piccadilly Piccadilly 1010
Pickett Pickett 1002
Polished Rain Polished Rain 3006
Premiere - Black Premiere - Plum
Premiere-Black Premiere-Brandywine In Stock!
Premiere-Cobalt In Stock! Premiere-Dark Green

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Libbey/Rock Sharpe Crystal

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