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Deshoulieres, Philipp China Patterns
Abbassides through Orleans 5781, Leaves Band

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Abbassides Acanthus Blue IP80
Acanthus Green IP81 Acanthus Rose IP82
Acanthus Yellow IP83 Addiction 3048
Advertising Signs Aiglon
Alhambra IP15 Ambazac IP129
Amboise-Blue IP63 Amboise-Green 
Amboise-Peach Amboise-Red
Ange Antiope Antioch
Aquarius-Blue Aquarius-Green
Aquarius-Yellow Aquatic Garden 7262
Arcades (Restaurant) Arcades IP74
Ardoise Arpege 7338
Arpege-Black Art Deco-Beige
Art Deco-Green Art Deco-Plum
Artica IP47 athos
Athos-Black IP116 Athos-Blue IP113
Athos-Gold & Platinum IP118 Athos-Red IP117
Auca By Dali 7168 Auray-Blue IP97
Auray-Green IP98 Auray-Peach
Avenue Montaign Avenue Montaigne Grey
Azay IP6206 Baalbek
Baalbek-Platine IP111/--P Balade De Provence 7257
Balmoral 6991 Baltik-Blue 6904
Baltik-Gray 7203 Baltik-Sand (Ivoire) 6926
Baltik-White & Blue 6903 Barbizon IP109
Baudelaire IP30 Beaulieu
Bijoux Blue Gingham
Bordeaux Wine Castles Boreal 6841
Bracieux IP16 Bragance-Grey IP70
Bragance-Ivory Bruges-Blue
Bruges-Green Bruges-Peach
Bruges-Red Butterscotch IP58/59
Bysance Scherazade IP4 Cachemire
California (Blanc De Blanc) BB Cape Horn
Caraibes/Tropical Island IP35 Carat Or (Gold) IP58
Carat Platine IP108 Carrousel 7387
Cats Caviar (Restaurant)
Caviar 6985 Celtika-White
Chamade IP41 Chamarande IP29
Chanticleer, The 6228 Charleston
Chateaux De Bordeaux 34029B Cheese
Coeurs Color Dots
Color Spiprit-Framboise 7111 Color Spirit-Clementine 7020
Color Spirit-Menthol Color Spirit-Mint Green
Color Spirit-Orange Color Spirit-Vanille
Cordoba-Blue IP11 Cordoba-Fuschia IP12
Cordoba-Rust IP13 Cordoba-Yellow IP10
Corinthe 7352 Creation
Festival Green Festival Rose
Orleans Orleans 5781, Leaves Band

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Deshoulieres, Philipp China

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