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Couzon, Jean Flatware Patterns
 through Lyrique (Stainless) 150

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 A Fleur De Peau (Silverplate)
A Fleur De Peau (Stainless) Actuel (Stainless)
Actuel Gold (Stainless, Gold Accent) Advertising Signs
Alize (Stainless, Hollowware) 363 Alliance (Silverplate) 227
Alliance Gold (Silverplate, Gold Accent) 850 Ambassade (Stainless)
Antilope (Stainless) Antinea (Silverplate)
Antinea (Stainless) 239 Arcadia (Stainless)
Arcadia Contrast (Stainless,Frosted Acc) Atlante (Stainless, Hollowware)
Ato (Stainless) Ato Hammered (Stainless)
Avignon Bright (Stainless) 280 Avignon Satin (Stainless) 290
Azimut (Stainless) Baguette (Silverplate) 251
Baguette (Stainless) 611 Boheme (Stainless)
Boheme (Stainless, Hollowware) Bourbon (Stainless) 549
Bourbon Contrast (Stainless) Byzance (Stainless)
Cardinal-Glossy (Stainless) 131 Cardinal-Satin (Stainless)
Carthage-Black (Stainless) Carthage-Blue (Stainless) 486
Carthage-Burgundy (Stainless) Carthage-Green (Stainless)
Carthage-Ivory (Stainless) Carthage-Navy Blue (Stainless)
Carthage-White Chambord (Stainless)
Cherubin (Stainless) Circa 1925 (Stainless, Hollowware 751
Clipper (Stainless) Clipper Matte (Satin)(Stainless)
Cocoon (Stainless, Hollowware) COJ1 (Stainless)
COJ3 (Stainless) COJ4 (Stainless)
Consul (Silverplate) 146 Consul (Stainless) 148
Croisade (Silverplate) 254 Delphine (Stainless) 302
Delphine Contrast (Stainless) 531 Eclat (Stainless) 170
Eclat Gold ( (Stainless, Gold Accent) Eden (Stainless)
Eden Gold (Stainless, Gold Accent) Eden Lacquer-Blue (Stainless)
Eden Lacquer-Brown (Stainless) Eden Lacquer-Green (Stainless)
Eden Lacquer-Red (Stainless) Elixer (Stainless)
Embruns (Stainless) Embruns (Stainless, Hollowware)
Eole (Stainless) Epsilon (Stainless)
Florentin-Black (Stainless) Florentin-Blue (Stainless)
Florentin-Green (Stainless) Florentin-Ivory (Stainless)
Forum (Stainless) In Stock! Fusain-Avignon (Silverplate)
Galaxy-Amber (Stainless) Galaxy-Black (Stainless)387
Galaxy-Blue (Stainless) 390 Galaxy-Clear (Stainless)
Galaxy-Green (Stainless) 391 Galaxy-Pearl (Stainless) 388
Galaxy-Red (Stainless) 389 Glamis (Stainless)
Greco (Stainless) Greco-Blue (Stainless,Holloware) 763
Image (Silverplate) 253 In Fine (Stainless, Hollowware)
Incidence (Stainless, Hollowware) Isis (Stainless) 205
Isis Gold (Stainless, Gold Accent) 848 Jai Goute (Stainless)
Juliette (Stainless) Lagon (Stainless)
Le Perle (Silverplate) Le Perle (Stainless)461
Le Perle (Stainless, Hollowware) 361 Lido (Stainless)
Louxor (Stainless) Louxor Contrast (Stainless,Frosted Acc)
Louxor Lacquer-Blue (Stainless) Louxor Lacquer-Brown (Stainless)
Louxor Lacquer-Green (Stainless) Louxor Lacquer-Red (Stainless)
Lyrique (Silverplate) Lyrique (Stainless) 150

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Couzon, Jean Flatware

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