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1535 1535 through Epoque-Blue

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1535 1535 1715 1715
1727 1727 1744 1744
1745 1745 1746 1746
1748 1748 1791 1791
2097 2097 2406 2406
2407 2407 2901 2901
2902 2902 2908 2908
2909 2909 40 40
667 667 81 81
Admiral Agneta
Alma Amanda
Amazon-Blue Amazon-Clear
Amazon-Orange Amazon-Turquoise
Amazon-Yellow Amy
Ann Anniversary
Antikva Are
Astrid Athena
Avon Babs
Bella Boda Bellona
Bernadette-Amber Bernadette-Blue
Bernadette-Clear Bernadette-Green
Bernadette-Smoke Bertil
Betty Blues
Boden Bon Bon
Bosta Bouquet
Brilljant Bristol
Buster Byttan
Calypso Can Can
Cancan Captain
Caramba Carl Gustaf
Carlton Carmen
Carole Cecil
Charm Chateau
Chateau Christmas
Cittra Claire
Cleopatra-Snake Cleopatra-Stripes
Colombine Colonade
Colonade Comet
Contessa Cornelia
Cosmos Cut 1195
Cypress-Blue Cypress-Clear
Cypress-Green Cypress-Orange
Dalecarlia Dalton
Delight-Blue Delight-Green
Diamond Dime
Djurgardsbrunn Doris
Ebba Edward
Ekeberga Elvira Madigan
Epoch-Yellow Epoque
Epoque Gold Epoque-Blue

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