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Select the Range of Wedgwood China Patterns which includes your Pattern:

#1005B through #C5172

#C5189 through #W6744

#W694 through Agincourt R4520

Alabama College through Banbury TK292R

Banbury TL303 through Candlelight

Cane through Columbia W1786

Columbia W595 through Devon Sprays W4076

Devonshire through Florentine green black trim W1265

Florentine green with center W1232 through Hampshire R4668

Hampton 10047 1/ through Kingcup W4050

Kingsbridge through Medieval A1613

Medina through Orchard C3904

Orient AK9987 through Primrose

Primula through Senator

Serenity through Tapestry

Tapestry TMD440 through Volendam

Wake Forest University through Yokohama

Yokohama A69248 through Zennor W2608

Some popular Wedgwood China patterns (many more patterns in stock -- see the ranges above)

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