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Select the Range of Spode China Patterns which includes your Pattern:

#1/1274 through #2/9918

#2117 through #R4436

#R4466 through #V2137

#W26 through #Y6662

#Y6676 through Black Sprig

Blanche De Chine 785542 through Christmas Rose Y8560

Christmas Tree S2124 through Filigree Y8145

Firenze 2605673 through Harmony

Harrogate Y8237 through Madrid

Majestic R436 through Peony

Peplow 1586646 through Seville Y8577

Shamrock 7118 through Valencia 9156

Valencia S/1248 through York Y8323

Some popular Spode China patterns (many more patterns in stock -- see the ranges above)

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